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Detox From Radiation


“Look, Mammologist, No Scar!”

I am a healthy person who has used the Natural Healing & Wellness Center to move from good to optimum health. I have come here since 1996 and have always been treated as a queen…. Or at least a valuable, significant person whose health can be superb.

I like that every person here has our best selves in mind. Health can always be reached with regular chiropractic care. I live a full life involved with people’s lives, and the stress has begun to show. Dr Graf, Dr Lyman, and Dr. Scott always find the parts of my body, heart and soul that need an adjustment. “Keeping my original parts” has been my motto with Dr. Lyman.

I have two exciting but stress producing jobs and, I will be 60 in July. The staff in the front office always greet people with friendliness, warmth, and just enough ease, without being intrusive.

Two years ago, I had breast cancer and radiation. I came here three times a week after radiation for an adjustment and a cleanse. My radioncologist called me the “Poster Child for Radiation.” I never explained to him what I was doing. I healed so well that my surgeon was amazed. I just went for my 2 year check up after surgery, and the mammologist could hardly find the scar.

I appreciate the continual learning of the Doctors, and the refinement of care and management that is always going on. What they wish for us, they demonstrate in their procedures and office management. We’re blessed to have them in town.

Susan W.
Episcopal Priest
Age 60


I come in daily for detoxification from the radiation treatments.

The main reason for going to the chiropractor was because my neck was so stiff, but I was helped in so many other ways!

I was diagnosed with cancer. On September 11, 2001 they took 11 lymph nodes. They were not malignant, but you are still required to have 6 weeks of radiation treatments. natural healing and wellness center   suggested that I come in daily for detoxification from the radiation. In about 20 minutes after putting my feet in a plastic tub of water, it (the water) is the same color as coffee with grounds in it. The next time, it turned a pea green and after that, a light blue color.

The main reason for going to the chiropractor was that my neck was so stiff I could not comfortably move my head. The pain in my neck and should had been there two months. After a couple of adjustments, the pain and stiffness were completely gone. I was also having problems with my knees and was not able to walk without pain. After a few visits, I was walking again without the pain.

I feel younger and much stronger.

In 1981, I had a hysterectomy and still felt the results of the surgery with a sharp, pulling pain which was ever present until after treatment at natural healing and wellness center . All these years having to deal with that pain, and it has not returned again. In addition, I was suffering from carpal tunnel pain in my right arm. After using percussion and cold laser on me, those pains were gone.

Doctor Graf and Doctor Lyman are able to determine my nutritional needs by using kinesiology. The supplements I am using are specifically for my individual nutritional needs. I feel younger and much stronger. I was never able to successfully take vitamins, herbs or supplements before

I can walk, run and jump without pain.

A procedure to improve the cranial nerve system (relieves pressure and pain from your head) was what impressed me the most. It stimulates the area of the brain that helps memory and alertness. It just means that part of my brain was asleep, and it needed to be awakened. After adjustments, supplements and using the glasses with the tiny, red blinking lights, I am a new person. I walk, run and jump without pain once again.

Other Results:

1. Adjusted bladder to where I have greater control.

2. Greater control over spasmodic speech disorder.

3. Sleeping disorder is improving—able to return to sleep after waking.

4. Hypoglycemia symptoms are less and less.

5. Ability to breathe with mouth closed is a blessing.

6. Breathing and eye exercises are helping me feel better.

7. Using circular motion on acupuncture points revives blood circulation.

8. Using verbal affirmations helps working out old problems.

9. Breaking down psychological and emotional barriers for greater freedom.

10. Ability to accomplish more.

11. Alertness and memory has sharpened.

Beverly P.
Age 61 going on 29!
Logandale, NV (recently moved to St. George to stay close)